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Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 8 - Monday Weigh-In

CaveMom - 126 ( -6 lbs!! )
CaveDad - 160 ( -2 lbs!)
CaveMan - 26 lbs

One full week we have devoted to the CaveMom Experiment. It's been fun, coming up with new ways to prepare food; and challenging to do so without including many items I've considered to be staples my entire life.

We're already starting to see positive results from the change in diet. CaveDad has been sleeping well, without a single bout of insomnia. He boasts of his perfect "regularity" the past week. Neither he nor I have had the slightest touch of heartburn - an almost daily plague for both of us. I've already lost six pounds, and I feel like I'm getting more rest at night, even though CaveMan still wakes me up for his midnight nursings.

The best part of all is the change in CaveMan's eating habits. The other day he ate two whole chicken legs, an entire nectarine, and finished off a good half cup of leftover chicken salad - all in one sitting! I love seeing the little man eating so well, considering this is the same boy who regularly refused to eat anything but Ritz Crackers slathered in cream cheese for days on end. Yes, son, you can have another piece of bacon. Still working on the acceptance of vegetables thing...

We're looking forward to the rest of the month!
Grok on!


Bacon, eggs, and mushrooms

Big Ass Salad with leftover chicken

Buffalo wings and celery

Tropical trail mix, almonds

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