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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 7: Primal on a Budget

Ok, there will be more than a little bragging going on here. Fair warning.

I managed to come away from the grocery store last night with enough meat and fish to carry us through the remainder of the CaveMom Experiment (barring any sudden cravings, of course) for less than $100.

In fact, the grocery bill came to $100.14. This included:
Four pounds of bacon
Three packages of bone-in chicken breasts ($0.99/lb!!)
several rib-eye steaks
a bunch of thin sliced shoulder steaks (I love these for breakfast!)
two center cut hams
Some steaks I have no idea what cut they are, as they were intentionally mislabeled by the store (weirdos...)
packages of frozen...
...shrimp (all BOGO!)

It also covered 2 1/2 dozen eggs, some produce, a plethora of canned goods, and a few packages of trail mix and dried fruit.

Primal on a Budget is the main focus of the CaveMom Experiment. We're a family on hard times, but there's no reason to eat like one - especially when you learn to follow the circulars. I'm a pretty hardcore "Store X" fan (the employees know me and my son by name, I get special treatment on a daily basis ^_^), but when "Store Z" has a BOGO/Manager's Special sale on meat, it's time to take a walk on the wild side. Since we're eating vegetables at just about every meal now, instead of just at dinner like before, I've learned to accept tinned vegetables. It makes it easier that so many brands - and store brands - are offering less-salt and even salt-free options.

*alert*: Corn is not a vegetable. It is a grain. While high in fiber, it's also absurdly high in carbohydrates. That is why America's favourite addictive, liver-killing pseudo-sugar is made from CORN. We now return you to your previously scheduled program.


Bacon and eggs

Beef Jerky. We were on the road. ^_^

Chicken breasts and tenderloins marinated in zesty Italian dressing
Five-lettuce salad with mushrooms and strawberries
Steamed broccoli with herb seasoning

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