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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 6 - They can't all be winners.

I hate it when culinary experiments fail.

I am a pretty good cook, and I take great pride in setting yummy, healthy dishes in front of my family every night. Part of the CaveMom Experiment that I was so looking forward to was the opportunity to explore a wide new realm of recipes. Tonight I tried Pakistani cooking for the first time.


I mean, the spices were delicious, there were just way too many of them, and the lack of potatoes (yay, primal!) didn't help.

I might try the dish again some other time, but first I'll have to get over this tiny ickle bout of depression at the waste of food.


Bacon and eggs

Leftover chicken, beef jerky, banana

Pav Bhaji - failed. Honey-curry Chicken - win. Didn't get a pic, though.

mixed nuts, nectarines

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